• You must be an original designer/builder/creator to take part.  We do not accept resellers, breedables, BIAB (Business in a box).  All store applications will be reviewed. 

  • You are required to display the The Gothic Vendition Subscriber/Sales/Vendor Board (Several types available) in your store close to the sale items and in easy sight of your store entrance. 

  • Marketplace stores are welcome.

  • All items listed for sale with The Gothic Vendition must have a retail price of 75$ or more. 

  • Failure to keep sign/board/subscriber rezzed- means removal from sales group NO EXCEPTION!

  • Should you move your store, You MUST Submit a Moved notecard to the mailbox in the office. (Please no IM's or notecards directly SL tends to eat these on me) 

  • You will be submitting image urls via the submissions form so you need to have a Flickr, marketplace, Picasa, blog, website, facebook, photobucket, etc from which to link the image.

  • Customers must land near the sale items or be able to follow tracks. (tracks available) This is not a hunt. Shoppers should not have to search for you sales. 

  • Sales will run from Friday 12:00 Noon to SLT -Sunday 12 pm Midnight SLT

  • You or your alt/manager must join The Gothic Vendition in world group.  Using an alt is fine, however most communication will be done in group notices. The list will be sent out by subscriber each weekend.  

  • It is your duty to read notices and keep up with changes! Failure may result in your alt or you being removed. 

  • You are not required to submit sale items every week but you are expected to participate at least once a month. We understand busy RL schedules & emergencies ,however those who fail to submit at least occasionally will be removed .

  • Items listed for sale may not be listed again for 2 months! I understand small stores. We all started someplace. But you MUST Have at least 12 items or more for your store to be accepted. 

  • If you choose to leave The Gothic Vendition group. 
  • I ask for you to let me know so  I may remove your info off blog. I WILL NOT hunt you down to check! 
  • So please keep this in mind. This will cause your name/store/location to be noted and disallowed back into this group. 

  • Should you need to take a break I ask you leave the group and/or let me know so I can mark you as unavailable on the blog. 

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